The first official Spider-Man NFT will be distributed this month, according to Marvel. Marvel has collaborated with Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited to develop the VeVe Digital Collectibles app, thereby providing the Marvel brand a new lane in the lucrative digital and cryptocurrency marketplaces.

Fans of the superhero will be able to purchase the collectibles starting today, August 7th. The lowest option, priced at $40, will be available to 32,000 individuals, while the 1,000 most costly NFTs would cost $400 each.

The release of Spider-Man non-fungible tokens, according to Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley, is just the beginning, as the company plans to release additional digital souvenirs of superheroes later this month. Buckley stated,

Spider-Man is one of the most legendary Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe, so there was no better way to kick off our global digital collectibles experience with VeVe. We can’t wait to bring Marvel fans and collectors even more exciting drops throughout August and beyond.

In May, Fox Broadcasting Company teamed up with Dan Harmon, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, to create a blockchain-based animated sitcom. NFTs portraying Rick, Morty, and the other key characters of the anime will be released as part of the popular comedy program ‘Krapopolis.’

Marvel’s primary competitor DC Comics dipped its toes into the NFT market in March for one of its most renowned superheroes. In addition, the business collaborated with VeVe to develop a digital Batman collection.

NFTs are one of the fastest-growing digital commodities, providing collectors with vouchers for unique digital collectibles such as the original photos that became famous memes, as well as high-value digital pop culture, music, and/or sports memorabilia. Now, comic book superhero memorabilia will be included in that growing market.

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