Cryptograph an Ethereum-based firm that touts itself as a philanthropy-focused marketplace for crypto valuables is auctioning unseen pictures of late American musician and songwriter Chris Cornell as NFTs with minting block.

These one-of-a-kind Cryptographs, titled “The Last Session,” are an exclusive portrait of Chris Cornell that was the rock icon’s final photo shoot. Photographer Randall Slavin captured “The Last Session” NFTs in 2017, shortly before Soundgarden’s death. Slavin kept the photographs after the artist died and rather than releasing them, Salvin held onto them and with the new NFT craze, he decided to mint them.

There will be two NFTs auctioned via Cryptograph Today. One is titled “Until We Disappear,” and The second NFT is titled “White Roses for My Soul to Keep.”

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A significant portion of the auction profits will be donated to Phoenix House, a non-profit that provides addiction treatment. The smart contracts underpinning Cryptograph’s NFTs, according to co-founder Tommy Alastra, are structured in such a way that money is sent to charity in perpetuity, if the Cornell NFTs are bought on the secondary market, some of the money is routed back to Phoenix House.

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