As the exposure of crypto and DeFi grows, people want to know which projects are traded or talked about the most. One such project is Ravendex, which is gearing up for its third listing in 2022 on Bitrue. It would be a fifth overall listing of the $RAVE token.

The growth of Ravendex has been tremendous – only since last year the crypto startup has been on a mission to assemble a superior and reliable exchange that would let Cardano-based token holders trade with a delegate. In brief, Ravendex is a Cardano-based decentralized exchange, which is completely non-custodial. It allows instant transfer of assets and liquidity between Cardano-based tokens and ADA. It is a cross-chain exchange that uses the EUTXO model.

The EUTXO model is known for its features like splitting shared liquidity among Cardano-based assets. The Cardano blockchain is also widely popular for its lower fees and faster transfer of liquidity among peers. It is also the first exchange to utilize the Alonzo Hard Fork update on the Cardano Ecosystem. It uses smart contracts to deposit assets and collect interest as per rules.

Ravendex wants to build a self-sustainable exchange and create equity for its investors by promoting the $RAVE token, which is backed by the Ravendex project itself. The $RAVE token received huge validation from the crowd as it saw 181.4 million (over 90%) tokens sold out of the 200 million tokens up of seed sale in October 2021 (over 90%). The team redirected the proceeds from the token sale to the development and expansion of the Ravendex project.

One of the major use cases is that $RAVE token owners have voting powers on specific propositions concerning the governance, which influence the Ravendex ecosystem. Along with an APR of 15%, the startup offers transparent tokenomics, carefully designed to ensure decentralization and immutability.

The $RAVE token can be soon found listed on the Bitrue exchange.

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