RavenDex is a Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX) that, once made its debut, will enable cryptocurrency participants and investors to offer liquid assets on any native Cardano (ADA) token and generate a market pair for somebody else to swap the native tokens while utilizing the Cardano blockchain’s security and lower fees.

The pre/seed sale has been a major success for Ravendex and now its public sale is a golden opportunity to step on this rocket before it reaches moon.

Public Sale Date

5th December | 9 AM UTC

Public Sale Allocation

100,000,000 RAVE Tokens

Public Sale End Date

9th December Or Untill Token Allocation is Expended


1 $RAVE = 0.004 ADA

Min/Max Contribution

Min — 50 ADA

Max — 5000 ADA

As revealed by Ravendex, $RAVE holders may stake their tokens to receive $RAVE rewards via a simple web interface. Ravendex will debut its staking platform sooner than anticipated. Thus, making Ravendex a more lucrative platform for early adopters.

With a Non-Fungible Token Staking Protocol, Ravers may stake their rare digital collectibles and earn reward points. WHEN LAUNCHED, $RAVE token holders may use the staking platform to earn up to 25% more.

Each cycle, the stake is determined by the quantity of $RAVE allocated. Holding $RAVE allows investors to give liquidity to DEX projects and earn a share of the fees. Similar to staking.

You can engage in the public sale by joining the RAVE token sale.

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