The most popular cryptocurrency— Bitcoin, was down by 7.02 percent. The global crypto market was weak as the threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine still hovers.

However, the NFT markets are still booming. Many upcoming NFT projects are focused on utility, as the critics keep bashing the NFT industry for not having any.

Aloha, is a long term project aimed at creating real and tangible value over time. As the market moves towards the next bull phase, Aloha feels that the current price of their token is unjustified and far from the true value of the project.

Aloha has had 9 seasons of NFT mining, where they have minted 2700 unique Aloha NFTs. Aloha NFTs have various use cases apart from being unique.

There are 3 types of NFTs offered by Aloha, Rare-Super Rare-Ultra VIP Rare. Until now, Aloha has sold over 500 NFTs, and none will be minted unless the remaining 2183 are sold. Each season has a different edition of NFTs, which can only be obtained through a third party user, for a premium from the listed price. 

Currently, buying NFTs is very easy by staking. User can get a good ROI by buying the package from Aloha website while the cost is still low. 

Other benefits of buying Aloha NFTs include 

  • Vip access to special events 
  • Bigger discount on upcoming IDO’s and other launchpad IDO’s 
  • Bigger APY in Shaka farm. 
  • Profit sharing
  • Voting rights on DAO

Aloha’s key focus in 2022 would be expanding their ecosystem. They will also further develop to capitalize on the shifting market landscape. In 2021,  the company successfully developed their DeFi platform and NFTs. As mentioned earlier, a total of 9 seasons have been conducted, over 500 NFTs sold, 2700 minted (300 each season), and 2183 yet to be bought. 

Aloha products have use cases — unlike many other projects, they were able to build a platform where users could use their funds to generate returns. The idea of generating capital from various streams picked up in 2021 and Aloha has been able to champion it.

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