Bitcoin is also facing the heat of the Russia-Ukraine war as investors around the world fear inflation and look for more stable assets like Gold. The largest crypto currency has bounced back to $39,292.20 from yesterday’s low of $34,636. However, while referring to global markets, analysts suggested that any bounce may be temporary and they see dips in the short-term.

The crypto market as a whole has lost trillion dollars in market value on February 23 as Russia invaded Ukraine however the NFT market is booming as the largest marketplace, Open Source, saw an average trading volume of more than $4 billion for this month itself.

This is a hint that a broader lookout at the crypto market is necessary and that you should look for upcoming NFTs and companies producing them.

Aloha is a project pointed towards making genuine and substantial value for their NFTs over the long run. As the market will move towards the next bull run, Aloha feels that the current cost of their token is ridiculous and a long way from the genuine value of the project.

The company has had 9 seasons of NFT mining, where they have minted 2700 extraordinary Aloha NFTs. Aloha NFTs have different use cases separated from being interesting.

There are 3 sorts of NFTs presented by Aloha

1. Rare

2. Super Rare

3. Ultra VIP Rare

Aloha has sold more than 500 NFTs, and none will be minted except if the leftover 2183 are sold. Each season has a unique release of NFTs with unique utilities. However, if you miss the NFT sale it can only be obtained through an outsider client, for a premium.

Buying the NFTs has been hassle-free on the Aloha website. Investors should be able to get a good return if they opt for the Aloha NFT pack. Vip access to special events, profit sharing, and voting rights on DAO are some of the other features of the Aloha NFT.

In 2022, Aloha will be focusing on expanding its ecosystem. They look forward to capitalizing on the shifting market landscape. The company had its first season of NFT mining in 2021 while they also launched their Defi platform in the same year. Generating profits/returns from various streams as an investor has become very attractive as new crypto financial instruments continue to be offered by various upcoming companies.

Stay connected with Aloha on Telegram for future updates.

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