Bitcoin (BTC) begins a new week trying to maintain support at $60,000, regardless of new all-time high temperatures failing to last. After a classic Sunday slump, bulls reclaimed control and kept BTC/USD above $60,000 for the time being.

Nevertheless, with neither the April nor October all-time highs having been retested thus far, investors are keen to see where Bitcoin may go. Predictions remain soaring — up to $300,000 in the following months, with the bull run possibly continuing through 2022.

RavenDex is a Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX) that, once made its debut, will enable cryptocurrency participants and investors to offer liquid assets on any native Cardano (ADA) token and generate a market pair for somebody else to swap the native tokens while utilizing the Cardano blockchain’s security and lower fees.

It is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges being developed for the Cardano blockchain, and they released their front-end demo on Monday, that when finished would provide a feasible system for the Cardano multiple transfers issue.

How can I get RAVE Token?

Acquire ADA from an intermediary (Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken) and transfer it to preferred Cardano wallet, such as Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite (Do not send your ADA to our presale address directly through an exchange. Remember to send from a wallet in which you possess the private keys). Go to the Token Sale Page and click Buy Rave Token. You will be directed to the Rave Token Sale website, where you must send the ADA to the given address.

The basic guideline is not to transfer cash from an exchange wallet because most electronic wallets will not have access to the latest token. This implies that if you use a random internet wallet from the exchange to participate in our Token Sale, you will be able to transfer money to the pre-sale location but will be unable to get the tokens you purchase because you are using an exchange wallet. Each sale round has a different minimum and maximum buy. The minimum and maximum buy per round will be posted on the sale stages page.

Details about the pre-sale:

Pre-Sale Date: 26th October 2020, Pre-Sale Allocation: 100,000,000 RAVE Tokens, Price: 1 $RAVE = 0.0032 ADA, Min Contribution 100 ADA and Max 10000 ADA.

Supported wallets: $RAVE token is a Cardano native token, so you can participate by sending ADA to the pre-sale address using any Cardano Supported wallets which include but not limited to the following: Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Adalite Wallet, Nami Wallet.

Distribution of Tokens: The tokens will be distributed once the pre-sale has ended or the HardCap has been reached. To avoid a failed transaction, make sure you have enough ADA to cover the fees.

You can engage in the auction as an early investor by joining the RAVE token sale. Ravendex, like so many other cryptocurrencies startups, plans to hold a public sale in next few weeks.

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