On the weekly Bitcoin charts, the cryptocurrency seems to be drifting with a bullish pattern, with its values bouncing within a Triangle-like pattern following a major push higher.

Bitcoin smashed above the structure’s top trend line last week, surging 13.5 percent amid increased transaction volumes. As a result, the cryptocurrency’s breakthrough move suggested that it has the ability to increase by the same amount as its prior trend.

“All data science models suggest that BTC will peak much higher than $100,000 in this cycle,” investor and expert Rekt Capital said on the occasion. 

Cardano’s intergalactic DEX, AstroSwap, recently concluded its IDO on ADAPad. Now, in its first few days of trade, it has broken out to an astounding 33,000% increase relative to its pre-IDO price. The Cardano ecosystem has had an extremely exciting several months which has been reflected in ADA’s meteoric price rise. The adoption of staking and smart contracts has injected the ecosystem with new energy and life, and an ability to develop new dApps.

It is no wonder then, that AstroSwap has broken onto the scene in such an explosive manner. Following the announcement of its partnership with ADAPad to provide a never-before seen pipeline for Cardano projects from development to trade, it is clear to see that the scope of such a collaboration is enormous. The first-mover opportunity can only be obtained once, and AstroSwap is reaping the rewards from going the extra mile to secure it.

ADAPad has been incubated by BlueZilla, who have also incubated various bespoke launchpad services across many chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Velas, Tron, and other prominent blockchains. All of these launchpads give projects unparalleled advantages in the creation, financing, and resource-intensive development of initiatives built on that specific blockchain.

The AstroSwap IDO received all of the assistance it required thanks to the BlueZilla Group — via the ADAPad platform. Furthermore, WagyuSwap, a project launched on the Velas blockchain, has provided the necessary tech to make the AstroSwap launch a success. WagyuSwap, which launched on BlueZilla’s incubated VelasPad earlier this summer, has proven to be a success, trading well above the 20,000% price increase point in the days proceeding the IDO. 

This is not just a trend – Looking at recent news articles, it is apparent that  BlueZilla-backed ventures are almost always profitable, including not only IDOs for platform-specific tokens, but also all cryptocurrency sales supported by all those networks. AstroSwap’s IDO has been a huge success, and buyers continue to pour money into it hand over fist.

The initial circulated quantity of $ASTRO is only 120 million, leading to a $120,000 market cap. A fantastic steal for a project with far too much potential. Furthermore, stakers will receive 45 percent of the token allotment, providing further motivation to view this as a long-term investment rather than a quick flip.

Given that the token was sold for $0.001 and is now selling at $0.33 following a listing on Gate.io, there’s really no argument why it can’t reach above that in the coming future.

It all comes down to generating incentives for customers to return to AstroSwap and the things it offers. More significantly, AstroSwap will go above and beyond the standard DEX functionality. Users could also gain access to staking support and participate in contests for prizes. What will come next from AstroSwap and BlueZilla? Follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

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