On the weekly Bitcoin charts, the cryptocurrency seems to be drifting with a bullish pattern.

Bulls seemed to have no time for BTC price weakening. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, jumped as much as 3.1% to $66,084, surpassing its previous all time high.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems continue to create new and innovative concepts. RavenDex is a Cardano blockchain-based decentralized exchange that will enable blockchain participants to offer liquidity and establish a market pair on any Native Cardano token for others to swap their native tokens while utilizing the security and low fees of the Cardano blockchain.

Ravendex, one of the first decentralized exchanges being built for the Cardano blockchain has released their front-end demo on Monday which when completed will have a working solution for the Cardano concurrency challenges.

This comes days after their oversubscribed private sale round for early adopters that saw them getting the utility token $RAVE at the cheapest price. Ravendexlabs is the team behind this new decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that will be custom-made for the Cardano blockchain.

Ravendex aims to become the leading DEX solution for the Cardano ecosystem and will be powered by $RAVE, which can only be attained for now through contributing to the Ravendex ecosystem as an early investor.

Ravendex aims to get onboard partners and buff up its development team with Plutus Pioneer alumni developers.

The Seed Sale Of $RAVE tokens has kicked off on the 20th of October and is still ongoing. Investors can take the benefit by joining the $RAVE Token Sale.

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