At 10 a.m. UTC on Sunday, BTC/USD was trading above $64,000, according to TradingView statistics.

The duo had managed to gain in latter part of Saturday within a week of momentarily trading below $63,000 as a result of US regulatory authorities dismissing the first spot-based exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Bitcoin, undeterred by the transition, after which brought back to form, reaching local highs of $65,350 on Bitstamp prior to actually strengthening.

Verlux is pleased to announce the launch of its token sales, with the goal of creating the largest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain. The Verlux technology enables users to transfer NFTs from other Blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain in a fast and seamless manner. Its goal is for NFTs to make use of the Cardano ecosystem’s low transaction costs, quick transactions, and security.

Verlux Ecosystem is fueled by its coin $VLX, which is utilised to allow network transactions. Token owners are also provided with the opportunity of becoming decision-makers and voting on future innovations that will be introduced on the site.

Verlux is developing a community-driven decentralized Cross-Chain NFT marketplace in which users will be able to Mint, Sell, and Trade NFTs on our platform as well as exchange NFTs that exist on multiple blockchains.

Verlux is on a quest to disrupt the traditional Non-Fungible Token Protocols by developing a breakthrough system that will let anybody manufacture and trade NFTs on our website using the cheap fees of the Cardano Blockchain.

Another innovative feature is its ability to rapidly and smoothly cross-transfer Non-Fungible tokens between various blockchains on a unified platform.

Unlike many other current NFT platforms, Verlux will develop a Cross-Chain Swap protocol that will enable users to transfer their NFTs from other blockchains to the Cardano blockchain in order to benefit from its cheap interchange fees, efficiency, and safety.

Verlux is building a marketplace that will disrupt the traditional NFT system that integrates a staking framework where consumers can farm limited versions and 100% exclusive NFTs. This innovative methodology is one of the characteristics that differentiates Verlux from other NFT online markets since it is one of the very first initiatives on the Cardano system to do so.

The $VLX Token Seed Sale is already live; early adopters and first investors interested in purchasing $VLX tokens during the seed sale may do so by entering the $VLX token sales website.

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