Monday witnessed a significant drop in Bitcoin price from a high of $59,516 to $55,628. However the Bitcoin bulls has gain back their momentum and the price has climbed to $57,000 today as per the data from TradingView.

Verlux has been making strides in the past few days, and there is more you need to look forward this month. Several projects have already been initiated over the years, but this one in particular continues to stand out.

Verlux is a Cross-Chain NFT global market built on the Cardano blockchain that allows the user to mint and barter NFTs as well as Swap NFTs from other blockchain systems to the Cardano block chain technology to take advantage of the network’s low fee income, security, and pace. 

Since the start of its Token Sale on November 12th, 2021, the frequently accepted project has shown a spike in interest, with Verlux selling over 25% of its apportioned tokens for seed sale to early investors in less than 48 hours. The $VLX token is being used by Verlux to raise funds for the project’s execution and operations assistance.

The utility token $VLX will power the Verlux ecosystem, which will assist the token sharp rise after listing, benefiting early adopters. In the Verlux marketplace, $VLX will be used to facilitate NFT transactions, staked to participate in NFT farming, and serve as a community governance system where users can vote on platform developments that should be implemented.

With just 11 days remaining, only about hundred million out of two fifty million tokens are left. Now is a fantastic decision to invest in Verlux, which will be much more profitable in the future. There is no justification not to purchase $VLX token now or to invest in it as all comes down to generating incentives for customers to return to Verlux and the things it offers.

Even with so many constraints, the NFT eco-system is still in its early stages and continues to expand day by day. Verlux NFT global market is on a quest to continuously drive innovation, offer solutions, and grow the NFT eco-system to explore its endless possibilities, with many characteristics under advancement that will be fully launched soon and others scheduled for upcoming updates. 

Verlux would be the first of its kind in history. It is an amazing idea for the nearish term and one to keep an eye on.

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