Since its early days as a bandwidth-sharing platform, the Aloha DeFi system has come a long way. Its vision has been bolstered by seamless new features like staking NFTs, a decentralized exchange, and its token— Shaka. Aloha also has its unique line of NFTs released on a seasonal basis.

The variety and volume of new features have helped Aloha reach new heights in acquiring a loyal customer base. In 2021, they had some crucial and surprising advancements on their platform, which have helped them acquire customers of various aspects (DeFi, coin stakers, NFT collectors, etc.) related to the crypto scene. The Aloha team is fully dedicated to being environmentally friendly. The entire system is based on Polygon’s eco-friendly blockchain.

One such development was the introduction of its play-to-earn game – Surf Invaders. It is an endless running game designed to be fun and accessible to everyone. The team compares it to the hit game — Flappy bird, while the only difference is that you can actually earn crypto!

To have a basic idea of the game — the players can use their NFTs to participate in the game. While more NFTs aren’t necessary, extra lives will be given, giving players an edge to outrun the sea monsters more than once.

Players themselves can design the chasing sea monsters while increasing their points by doing cool tricks and collecting plastic (bottles or any other plastic) in the ocean while avoiding obstacles set in the game. Players need to score high to be incentivized for the game and projected on the global leader board. Leaders earn a share of the platform’s fees.

The game just got an important update to improve its rewarding capabilities (anonymous and impartial rewarding). The company has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon mainnet. The industry-leading decentralized oracle network makes the rewarding tamper-proof while it can be audited simultaneously. It will fairly select players to be rewarded from an in-game feature. The company expects this to create a transparent process where players will be satisfied knowing a fully merit-based rewarding system.

Aloha has also announced the Collecting bottles competition on March 10, where players will have to collect the most possible plastic bottles in the game. The winners and their prizes will be announced on the company website.

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