Aloha has come a long way from its days as a bandwidth-sharing platform in just a short span of time. It has a mission to make an accessible and easy-to-use DeFi ecosystem. In 2021, the company integrated seamless new features like staking NFTs, a decentralized exchange, and will be launching its token—Shaka, into its ecosystem.

Such variety and volume of features have made the DeFi platform a promising project to keep an eye on. It just took them one year (2021) to make some crucial advancements on their platform, which has helped them retain clients with various lookouts and interests in the crypto market. The Aloha team is fully dedicated to being environmentally friendly. The entire system is based on Polygon’s eco-friendly blockchain. 

In 2022 Aloha took a major step by integrating Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Polygon mainnet. Integration of this industry-leading decentralized oracle network has ensured that the winners for the in-game rewards for Aloha’s play-to-earn game SurfInvaders are selected through an impartial process by the network, which is tamper-proof and auditable. 

To have a basic idea of the game — the players can use their Aloha NFTs to participate. More NFTs aren’t necessary, as extra lives will be given, giving players an edge to outrun the sea monsters more than once. 

Other things players can do in the game is – design their sea monsters as they try and increase their points by outrunning the monsters while simultaneously doing cool tricks and collecting plastic (bottles or any other plastic) from the sea. The competition will be live from 8 AM on the 10th of March (GMT+1) until 8 AM on the 11th of March (GMT+1), where players will be rewarded as follows:

100$ in Aloha tokens or 5 NFT packs worth 10,000 ALOHA each.

To participate, interested players must play Surf Invaders in the 24 hours and collect at least five plastic bottles. Each person collecting five plastic bottles will enter a draw to win the prizes mentioned above. Each plastic bottle represents an entry into the raffle.

Click here to participate.

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