Restoring primary producer economic power by sharing the proof of story about the life of produce from farmgate to plate.

Authentium on the farmers’ issues

Imagine a world where food supply chains guarantee the quality of products to consumers, where farmers capture more value from the products they produce, where you know who the very best contractors are to use to move your produce, and where supply chains can be organically established without the need of third parties. This is the Authentium ecosystem.

Farmers have always been on the lower end of business, even though farmers’ work is the most important in the whole produce business. Without farmers, nobody would be able to distribute and sell their products. Having this in mind, isn’t it logical that farmers are more appreciated and paid more? 

Authentium has started farmer education on the subjects of technology, blockchain, and agriculture in general, in Kenya, and preparations in Ghana and in some other countries are underway.

Farmers will be able to take farming into their own hands, meaning they will profit more off of it, as they should. They will be able to track their goods at all times, as well as the condition their goods reach their customer in. 

The Movement

Since late 2017, Authentium is a pioneering open-source community with a shared vision to design and build an ecosystem of DAO-like Decentralised Autonomous Supply Chain Organisations (DASCO’s) that remove powerful centralised authorities from global food supply chains.

Our vision is to liberate primary producers from these centralised exploitive supply chains. We think it’s time we help to create a new world of trusted peer-to-peer food supply chains by building an ecosystem that incentivises their transformation.

Supply chains move both goods and information. A supply chain is a sequence of contracts, instructions and agreements between individuals and organizations that carries a good, often transforming it as it goes from ultimate supplier to ultimate consumer. As a good moves along a supply chain, information about that good move with it, including, ideally, dynamic information about that good’s experiences along the supply chain. 

This information is particularly important for goods where their nature changes depending on how they are handled or how old they are. Furthermore, for the consumer of a perishable, fragile or generally information-rich product, some fraction—perhaps a considerable fraction—of the ultimate value of the good will depend on the quality and fidelity of the information that moves with it. Incentivizing the production of this granulated and detailed information about goods is the primary economic problem that the Authentium ecosystem solves.

  1. The good. The contract must outline the characteristics of a demanded good. There are n potential characteristics. This could include quality, provenance, delivery time and transportation method. These are the characteristics of a good that differentiates it from other goods.
  1. The price. The contract must specify a price to be paid for successful completion of the contract. That price could be denominated any currency (cryptocurrency or fiat). This theoretically enables the use of any blockchain platform (e.g., Algorand) for contract execution, or through more traditional contract execution (e.g., cash transfer). The mechanism is contract-execution neutral.
  1. The fulfilment conditions. The contract must outline the conditions under which the buyer will consider the counterparty to have fulfilled their contract. This must be specified as the successful delivery and inspection of a Proof of Story (POS) token, with the relevant characteristics as identified through the Authentium platform (see Step 3 below).


We are a global open community of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about the coming new world order where all primary producers are treated fairly, equally and justly rewarded for their hard work. We see a future where large exploitive supply chain companies lose their powerful dominance over primary producers by enabling a true decentralisation of the 6 trillion-dollar food industry.

Authentium in partnership with Algorand and the Algorand Foundation will be revolutionising supply chains with the creation of the world’s first DAO-like DASCOs to be built on the Algorand blockchain. With the backing of the Algorand Foundation, Authentium has built and continues to enhance a range of open source technology stacks for the ecosystem.

For in-depth explanation and reading, you can read through the Authentium Litepaper

You can find Authentium on Twitter

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