Their idea is unique and simple

They are building a platform for SEED Financing for every HER$ Token holder to grab a very low-price SEED token. This concept is hard to come by these days, and there are not that many projects out there that can do this. We have seen IDO / ICO launchpads, but the SEED ones are hard to find.

How will it work?

Pretty easy. Actually, you can be their next project. Basically, they are looking for a good idea, they will do a small audit and will help get on your feet. Then you will enter a pool of Seed financing, that can be done only by the Token Holder. And that’s it, if your Crypto Idea is good you will have your own Venture Capital Investors on your side. Not big companies but normal investors just like you, which can keep the essence of the main crypto idea intact.

They have a second platform as well.

The Heritiy Network team is working on an NFT marketplace as well. They have already some NFT artists that are in the top 2-300 in the world, so the NFT pricing can be lower than other NFT marketplaces.

Also, very important, the Herity Network team will give FREE services to any real artist that wants to enter the NFT world. So if you have good artistic skills, they can introduce your creations to the NFT world.

To top it off, some of their profits will be distributed to Charity, so it’s good to know that they will leave something behind for the ones that need help.

Their Presale is just about to end. Check up their website for more information Last but not least they have a real legal company backing this project. Also, their Telegram is growing day by day:

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