One of the biggest IT and mobile phone firms in the world, Xiaomi, has filed a patent for a system that uses blockchain technology to create its own virtual characters. The patent, filed in China, claims that the introduction of a gene sequence that determines the character’s appearance will cause the development of these characters to be randomly generated.

According to the company’s patent, its own virtual characters will be created using various gene sequences, and these photographs will be used to identify these characters. The methodology predicts that every character will be distinct and unpredictable. Although no announcements have been made, Xiaomi may use this technique to develop its own metaverse experience in the future.

The patent’s passage referring to blockchain has to do with how the produced character is stored. The characters would use this decentralised ledger technology to record their gene sequences, according to the application, protecting the special combination from being destroyed. Although NFTs are not explicitly stated in the patent, the description of how blockchain is used provides an indication that this or another, related technology may be used.

The application of the concept is still pending, and this is only a patent filing. There have been rumours that Xiaomi would introduce its own metaverse platform with these virtual characters as the centrepiece, but no official announcements have been made on the matter. 

But if it did, it wouldn’t be the first time Xiaomi has played in cryptocurrencies. The company introduced its first line of NFTs in 2018, called Crypto Rabbits. However, according to local sources, the initiative was shelved in March due to its poor performance.


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