The Boring company founded by Elon Musk has started accepting doge coins from its customers for rides on its Las Vegas transit system. As per a CNBC report, on July 1, a payment option on BitPay popped up after the tunnel making company inaugurated its new Loop station at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

However, there has been no official confirmation from The Boring Company concerning the new payment method. Musk was recently found responding to a tweet about the news where he said that he is “Supporting Doge wherever possible.”

A graphic designer for Dogecoin Foundation, DogeDesigner shared a video on Twitter, where he was navigating through the Vegas Loop booking page. He also made a purchase via BitPay where he paid 37.52 DOGE. 

The subterranean tunnel system helps commuters catch human-driven Tesla vehicles from one stop to another. The new Las Vegas loop is located underneath a resort called Resorts World Las Vegas. It becomes the fourth stop on the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop which is as long as 1.7 miles. 

Initial plans were to launch the Vegas “hyperloop” which would utilize a pressurized tunnel system and magnetic propulsion to move passenger-carrying capsules at high speeds. Driverless vehicles are still under process to put on the company’s Vegas transportation system. Enabling Doge coin payments on Loop is only the latest integration for Musk’s fleet of companies. 

The Tesla CEO has been a Dogecoin promoter, though not officially, his statements do affect the meme-coin’s prices. Musk previously announced his plans to enable the Doge payment option for his space company SpaceX.

He also announced that Tesla would begin accepting DOGE for certain merchandise purchases. The result was a 25% spike in Dogecoin’s price.


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