Chicago-based financial institution Rothschild Investment Corp revealed on Saturday that it currently holds 141,405 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Rothschild Investment Corp has also invested in Grayscale’s Ether (ETH) counterpart, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust. According to fresh data, Rothschild has tripled its exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) since April.

As Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein pointed out this week, institutional investors are likely to pay little attention to short-term price movements, preferring to focus on a much lower-time-preference approach when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Sonnenshein stated,

I think in our seat, from our view of the world, we’re really looking for a couple of different points of maturation in the underlying market, and that’s really the final stages of what we think regulators need to approve those types of products and give investors the protections that they’re looking for

Rothschild has 132.8 BTC ($3.94 million) in Bitcoin exposure. The data suggests that executives have been unaffected by falling prices, although Bitcoin has been in a slump for three months after reaching all-time highs of $64,500 in mid-May.

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The brokerage firm’s history dates back to 1908, and it has been investing in cryptocurrency for a reasonably long time compared to the massive flood of institutions that have rushed in over the last year. According to an SEC filing, the company owned $210,000 in GBTC in July 2017, when the price of BTC was around $2,000.

Grayscale Investments recently chose BNY Mellon to serve as the asset servicing provider for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust as per the announcement, BNY Mellon will offer fund accounting and administration to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust as part of this arrangement, which will come into effect on October 1, 2021.

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