KSI, a.k.a. Olajide Olayinka Williams, was recently asked during an interview that what’s the first thing he would do if he became Prime Minister.

In response to the hypothetical question, KSI expressed his desire to “give everyone £100 worth of Bitcoin” as a stimulus package. Claiming to be a supporter of the crypto-economy and believing that Bitcoin is the future.

KSI has earlier invested £2 million in cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin, which reached a high of £7 million at one point. However, he claimed to have lost it all when he revealed the event, claiming that the digital assets got liquidated because of the Bitcoin crash.

KSI is among the crypto speculators who earned and lost a lot of money during the recent Bitcoin crisis. However, the United Kingdom-based influencer expressed his continuing support and trust in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The influencer also claimed that the average public does not understand Bitcoin’s development potential and is just interested in “getting in and out.” Thinking about his prior crypto investments, KSI claims to have a thorough understanding of the industry and attributes his misfortunes to over-leveraging.

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FTX CEO and Sam Bankman-Fried said that high leverage causes traders to lose their crypto assets in their initial transactions under the guise of prudent trading. Other exchanges, such as Huobi Global, have lately adopted tighter leverage limitations as well. Binance has also set a 20x leverage limit for new customers, with plans to make this a standard for current users soon.

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