According to the latest quarterly global cryptocurrency rankings released by analytics firm Coincub, the United States and Germany claimed the top spots. The dominance in the crypto sector is due to progressive regulatory environments and also due to investments in Bitcoin firms.

As per the rankings across nine categories, focusing on taxation, talent development, government, financial services, industry participants, trading, fraud, population and environmental potential. New categories were introduced in the current ranking system like initial coin offerings and crypto education courses to have a much critical assessment.

The top rank is shared by both Germany and the US, since America moved from the third spot, boasted by Joe Biden’s executive order for all government offices  to work on crypto policy. Germany’s Sparkasse, a financial services firm, also enabled its users to buy Bitcoin directly from their bank accounts. This further boosted Germany’s score. 

Coincub’s rankings interpret their rankings on the basis of quantitative data including exchange or mining volumes with other aspects like government regulation and institutional point of view towards cryptocurrencies. Their reports hope to give a merged view of a country’s position by amalgamating qualitative information and quantitative data.


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