Most-watched sports league in the world is gearing up to expand its brand into the digital assets world. Last week, the English Premier League (EPL) filed two NFT and crypto trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis made this announcement on June 6.

The Premier League is highest level of soccer played in England, comprising twenty professional soccer playing teams.

The trademark filings cover the sale and creation of digital assets and are intended to be expansive in scope. The filings will cover digital assets, media files verified by NFTs and virtual clothing. The filings also include Premier League trademarks in augmented, mixed and virtual reality software.

While the interest for cryptocurrencies and NFTs have cooled considering a new downtrend in the crypto market, NFT sales are still poised to go beyond the $20 billion mark, recorded a year ago. The space has been a developing region for celebrities, artists and cultural symbols to interact with their fans and client, and develop an online community.

The utilization of digital currencies is turning out to be progressively normal all through the sports world, particularly among soccer clubs. Last month, Arsenal declared a collaboration with Unagi as a feature of their free to play game where player cards could be bought as NFTs.


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