To increase the recognition and adoption of the digital currency in daily life, A Belgian-based parking startup – Seety, has now made it possible to allow its customers to pay in crypto for parking tickets.

From Thursday, users can use the crypto payment option in Belgium cities – Antwerp and Brussels, as per the reports. Seety has over 355,000 users in Belgium and the Netherlands. The company is also looking to clock an annual turnover of 2 million euros by the following year.

The company will not levy any fee from its users, and the customers using the crypto option have to use the “coins” available on Seety’s app to buy the “credits” for parking payments.

The company allows the use of 7 different cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, DAI, USD Coin, and Bitcoin cash to pay for the parking tickets.

The concept of using digital currency for parking tickets is not new; it dates back to 2014 with the Defunct Brawker App.

Still today, people hesitate to use digital currency for everyday use, but payment options for cryptocurrency for microtransactions are growing day by day.

The credit for the popularization and allowing merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency goes to crypto credit cards and stable coins. Visa has also reported that it has witnessed over a billion dollar spending from crypto cards in the first two quarters of 2021.


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