Mayor Scott Conger of the United States city of Jackson, Tennessee, has once again shown support to the Bitcoin community and criticizing the U.S Dollar.

Scott believes “As the feds continue to print more USD, this chart will continue to rise! #bitcoin could be the present, but is definitely the future monetary system, and after 21M, there isn’t any more.”

In July Scott stated that the city’s blockchain task force had begun research on potential means for accepting Bitcoin property tax payments in the city

Conger’s proposal focuses on the possibility of providing cryptocurrency-based payroll conversions for city workers. Simply put, the aim is to use cryptocurrencies as an additional, alternative investment option for city employees and enterprises, especially given the rising value of Bitcoin.

Mayor Conger follows in the footsteps of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who has pushed for the city of Miami to accept Bitcoin for tax and salary payments.

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