Jayson Stewart, the mayor of Missouri is considering giving a piece of Bitcoin to roughly 1,500 residents of the Cool Valley.

  • Stewart considers Bitcoin as “digital gold” and wants every resident to have some denomination of it, “whether it be $500 or $1000.”
  • He said that most of the funds would come from generous investors but did not completely rule out using city funds for the same.
  • The residents won’t be able to sell their Bitcoin rather see it as a future investment. Stewart doesn’t want the people to sell the BTC for just paying off the car note and then regret years later when “BTC would be sitting at $500,000.”
  • In addition to this, the city will also take measures to reduce the carbon emissions from Bitcoin mining. However, the details regarding the distribution of Bitcoin are still vague but Stewart said that all the residents would be given classes about using and storing Bitcoin securely.

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