1) “People around the ecosystem are very optimistic about how fast things could unfold,” says Joseph Lubin.

In Asia Pacific 2020 conference Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys founder and Ethereum contributor said:

It is very likely will get a tremendous amount of data availability in the form of shards, as well as move lots of the important functionality from Ethereum 1 to Ethereum 2.0, and essentially see Ethereum 2.0 absorb Ethereum 1 in the not too distant future.

Essentially Ethereum 2.0 represents a massive increase in scalability, so we’re already achieving tremendous scalability with layer-two networks.

Lubin believes Eth2’s development will move faster than expectations.

2) Only 5% of the Ripple’s clients are based in the US.

As per data from Garlinghouse, 95% of the San Francisco-based company’s customers are located abroad which means only 5% of Ripple’s customers are located in the US. The reason behind this could be ongoing regulatory uncertainty around the token. The company has recently relocated its headquarters outside the US as well. As per Garlinghouse:

95% of our customers are non-U.S. customers, and only about 5% are here in the U.S. And people say ‘You are a U.S. company, […] why is that?’ One of the dynamics is that U.S. companies are waiting for clarity, and that clarity emanates from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

3) Nigel Farage termed Bitcoin as an anti-lockdown investment.

Nigel Farage in an interview expressed his thought that governments are printing their “funny money,” during the pandemic at warp speed. Hence making it essential to invest in Crypto. Earlier also he had referred to Bitcoin as “the ultimate anti-lockdown investment.

4) Danny Masters told that not having Bitcoin in your portfolio can get you fired.

Danny Masters, CoinShares chair and former JP Morgan commodity trader told CNBC host Kelly Evans that earlier it was perceived as a career-risk to have Bitcoin in your institutional portfolio, as a portfolio manager, but now it is a career-risk to not have Bitcoin in your portfolio. CNBC host concluded:

That is perfectly well-stated, you’re not going to get fired anymore if you had some Bitcoin, but you might get fired if you didn’t.

5) Twin regrets about not investing in Bitcoin, unlike his brother.

The Twin said that his twin brother and he each received a $100,000 inheritance in 2013 but both took drastically different financial paths. He said “I’ve been a silver bug, and I argued that silver was, IMO, the best alternative investment to stocks and bonds He had just learned about Bitcoin and was adamant that the return could be exponential. I had vehemently argued against Bitcoin, saying that it was pure speculation and would be a total waste of money.”


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