On Monday, Italian authorities shut down numerous groups on the Telegram messaging app where people could buy bogus COVID-19 health cards, which are necessary to access a variety of services and recreational activities. Authorities broke down 32 Telegram groups that sold hundreds of individuals bogus COVID-19 permits.

The Green Pass is a digital or physical certificate that states if a person has gotten at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, tested negative, or has recently recovered from the virus.

The pass was implemented by Mario Draghi’s government to try to speed up vaccinations in the face of the Delta strain, but it has sparked objections from some Italians who claim it violates liberties and is an indirect method of making vaccines mandatory.

For up to 500 euros in cryptocurrency or online shopping vouchers, fraudulent passes are sent to thousands of users. Since the emergence of COVID-19 in February of last year, Italy has recorded 128,220 fatalities, the second-highest toll in Europe and the eighth-highest in the world. So far, it has documented 4.4 million instances.

The vast majority of offenders providing these services were situated in the Russian Federation or the United States. Eastern Europeans, on the other hand, were the ones who purchased the most vaccinations and fake papers. The goods were projected to cost $250 for ten dosages, or the equivalent in digital assets.

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