Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence organization, has advertised a position for a cryptocurrency specialist with at least three years of expertise in the fintech industry. The requirements highlighted that,

A technological knowledge leader in the world of fintech and digital currencies is required for a position that includes leading, initiating, planning and accompanying systems development activities. Three years of experience in the fintech world. In-depth technological understanding and expertise in the world of fintech, e-commerce, DeFi and digital currencies.

The job description simply states that it entails “leading, starting, planning, and accompanying systems development activities,” leaving enough room for local media to speculate on why Mossad may be looking for a crypto specialist.

According to Ynet, a major Israel news outlet, Mossad is likely to be interested in utilizing cryptocurrency to make anonymous payments to its operatives or to buy new equipment. Much of Israel’s recent crypto-related engagement has concentrated on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appeal among Hamas’ militant wing, which is the Gaza Strip’s de facto ruling authority.

Last month, Israel defence minister Benny Ganz issued an order allowing Israel security agencies to seize cryptocurrency accounts linked to the Hamas terrorist wing after the group reportedly stepped up its crypto fundraising efforts in the aftermath of the Gaza strip’s destruction in May.

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