In 2021 numerous shutdowns hit the miners hard and Iran’s share in the worldwide hashrate tumbled to only 0.12%, as per the Bitcoin Mining Map of the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, practically eroding Iran from the global crypto mining industry. Same events have again incited numerous responses from the space and warnings that Iran is falling behind its competitors.

Crypto miners were forced to deal with power cuts over and over, the Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company (Tavanir) has advised them to end operations once more, for the rest of this summer. They are anticipating electricity shortages in the following three months of hot climate conditions when demand will rise exponentially due to the rising utilization of electricity by air cooling systems.

The organization’s spokesman, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, has been expressing that the action will assist with lessening the burden on the public framework during the pinnacle season. As per a report by the Iranian business media source Way2pay, partners have protested the move, demanding that it’s ridiculous and will hurt Iran’s crypto mining industry, in 2021.

The power shortfall and the successive power outages were somewhat blamed on the expanded power use for mining, both legitimate and unlawful, and last May authorized miners were requested to close down. They were permitted to continue operations in September, however at that point again they were requested to turn off their equipment to assist electricity shortages in the cold weather months when the demand for energy increases in the summer.

A few Iranians accept that eliminating cryptocurrency mining activities from the situation would have little to no effect if the end goal was to stabilise the power supply. Since the legitimate Iranian mining offices represent a small share of the network load. It is still unclear if the mining bans are helping the Iranian government prevent electricity shortages

Why all miners the nation over should stop exercises since some crypto farms work in remote places of the country that don’t encounter electricity shortages. Another complaint boils down to the inquiries as to why just miners are to be detached from the lattice and why this occurred so out of nowhere.


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