Survey published by Asia-Pacific cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve, cryptocurrency acceptance notably Bitcoin adoption is increasing in Singapore among younger generations wanting to profit on the generational wealth potential of Bitcoin.

One of the critical indicators of Singaporean attitudes to cryptocurrency is actual adoption. In 2021, 43% of Singaporeans own a cryptocurrency. The ownership for those under the age bracket of 26-45 is the maximum.

Source: Independent Reserve

Cryptocurrency adopters in the 26-45 age bracket have the most diverse portfolios, with 58% of them owning Bitcoin, 38% owning Ethereum, and various other tokens accounting for 36% of ownership. In comparison, the average ownership for all other age groups is BTC at 22% and ETH at 11%.

These high levels of adoption are due to increasing government transparency, which was the prime motive of trust in crypto adoption across all age groups, followed by education. When it comes to trust and confidence, only 7% of Singaporeans feel Bitcoin is a fraud.

Source: Independent Reserve

As income increases, they are 2.5x less likely to view Bitcoin as a scam when compared to those earning under $3,000 per month to those earning over $10,000 per month. Recently, Singapore’s financial authorities have revealed that they are collaborating with their French colleagues to investigate cross-border CBDC applications.

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Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, has even given cash rewards to individuals who pitch digital currency proposals. The CEO of Independent Reserve, Adrian Przelozny, hailed Singapore as a Key hub in Asia due to its robust and well-regulated financial markets infrastructure and openness to new technologies.

Despite a drop in cryptocurrency prices since May 2021, Bitcoin’s worth has increased considerably since the end of 2020. As Bitcoin prices became more prominent news stories, this led to a rise in consumer awareness for cryptocurrencies throughout the world.

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