As the cryptocurrency platforms have started to grow exponentially in the developed countries, the developing ones are on their track to bring something new and brilliant into the world to keep up. Cryptocurrency is shaping our present and even our constitutions, but it may very well be shaping our futures.

A Thai departmental retail operator is testing its own cryptocurrency used by personnel, with the goal of eventually providing it to consumers. Central Retail Corp., as per its website, operates over 2,000 outlets in 54 provinces in Thailand, and also over 100 in Vietnam and 9 in Italy.

Central Retail Corp., Thailand’s largest shopping mall operator, is giving its cryptocurrency-based “C-Coin” on a merit list to 80,000 employees to use it as a cash substitute in its stores, according to Bloomberg on Thursday. 

Kowin Kulruchakorn, chief creative officer for Central Retail Corp.’s IT arm, stated arrangements about how the coin will be given to consumers, such as releasing it for sale, are still being worked out. Once staff testing has been completed, the C-Coin will be made available to buyers.


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