Chainlink, a major source of data feeds for blockchain-based smart contracts, has now fully integrated Google Cloud decentralized weather data.

It will make weather data directly accessible to financial markets, which is another promising avenue for mitigating weather-related failures and introduces an opportunity to improve forecasts themselves, as market participants with more accurate weather models will outperform in weather prediction capital markets.

Since 2019, Google Cloud and Chainlink have been working together to allow Chainlink to incorporate Google Cloud data. Chainlink pulls data from Google Cloud’s Big Query, which stores weather data from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other sources.

The Google Chainlink integration employs an oracle node that continually transmits data from the outside world into the Chainlink network, where it is combined and made available in aggregated form for blockchain applications, mentioned in a blog.

Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecommunications operator, established a Chainlink oracle node earlier this week to supply data for decentralized banking (DeFi).

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