Fox Entertainment has just unveiled a series of NFTs inspired by the hit singing contest ‘The Masked Singer’, in what might be its biggest revelation this season. And its initial airdrop appears to have gone well, with Fox handing away 20,000 NFTs in much less than 24 hours.

Each ERC-721 and 1155 collectible features a character from the Mask Singer tv show and is issued on the Eluv blockchain. In return for the NFTs, customers had to enroll their e-wallets on MaskVerse.

Fox has put millions into its new Blockchain Creative Labs subsidiary, which deals with NFTs. Fans grabbed 10,000 free “Miss Masky” NFTs in “The MaskVerse” collection in ten hours yesterday. Because there was such high demand, Fox gave away an additional 10,000 of them today.

Including the introduction of the Masked Singer NFT, Fox is collaborating with Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon on Krapopolis, a blockchain-curated animated series that will incorporate NFT artifacts.

On October 20, Fox plans to open a marketplace where fans may buy, sell, and trade Masked Singer NFTs. Fox is deploying Discord servers administered by CollabLand, a Blockchain Creative Labs partner and token-gate access supplier, to help grow the expanding cryptocurrency industry.

“The MaskVerse” will continue to generate Mask Packs of Mask Singer NFTs in order to maintain enthusiasm while experimenting with new ways to leverage crypto marketing. Followers and enthusiasts will be able to take part in a voting competition in November, accurately anticipating which figures will be removed in the Mask Singer’s final six episodes.


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