1) Ethereum reached its highest level since early 2018.

Ethereum reached its highest level since early 2018 trading above $741. Few minutes after this high ETH tumbled around $700. Total market capitalization was $82,992,724,722 USD at the time of writing. Volume was noticeably higher on the eight exchanges and the value of ether changing hands on those exchanges was more than $2.5 billion. 

2) Bitcoin futures on CME recorded the largest price gap of $3000.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s BTC futures product enables institutional investors to trade the primary cryptocurrency on a regulated platform. Therefore as a regulated establishment, CME operates at fixed hours during the weekdays and trading stops during weekends and official holidays. Whereas Bitcoin is a free market asset where trading happens 24/7 this thing creates CME gaps which happens every weekend but this time it was a huge difference of $3000 as the BTC price was $23,660 at the time CME closed for trading and when opened BTC’s was $26,660.

3) Retail investors participated less in 2020 rally than 2017.

Skew analytics tweeted with data from Google Trends about interest from retail markets during the 2020 Bitcoin rally compared to 2017. In the tweet it was mentioned

2017 vs 2020 – retail interest hasn’t surged back

They also acknowledged the fact that Institutional investment in Bitcoin have increased and replied to earlier tweet as

and institutions are embracing #bitcoin

4) Trader misses out on $1.8 million in 1inch tokens.

A trader’s whose to net $1.8 million in tokens fell just short of qualifying for the distribution parameters. In a viral tweet, Harings tweeted

So my ~500 metamask wallets, that all did trades on 1inch in preparation after the Uni airdrop, didn’t receive any airdrop in the end cause it was $17 per trade, $3 below threshold. Would’ve totaled a 1.8 million dollar profit But I won at Catan today with family, which is nice

5)  Mark Cuban praises Bitcoin’s programmatic monetary policy.

Mark Cuban, a former critic of the digital currency and billionaire investor had replied to Elon Musk’s tweet- ‘Bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money’ on 21 December 2020 as

Blasphemous I say, just Blasphemous !

On 23 December he also praised Bitcoin and suggested companies a lesson they should learn from Bitcoin. He tweeted

Public companies should learn a lesson from Bitcoin and commit to not issue new shares of stock. Ever. Their stock prices would immediately jump.


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