Eric Adams, the Democratic mayoral candidate in New York City, stated he would transform the city into a bitcoin hub within a year, competing with Miami for the title of US crypto epicenter. Adams said

I promise you, in one year you’re going to see a different city. We’re going to become the center of life science, the center of cybersecurity, the center of self-driving cars, drones, the center of bitcoin, we’re going to be the center of all the technology

Adams is currently leading the race, while bitcoin enthusiast Andrew Yang, who had also said he would modify the city into a bitcoin hub if he’s elected mayor and even accepted crypto donations as part of his presidential campaign dropped out of the race after polls placed him fourth in line to lead the largest city in the US. Yang acquired only 11.7% of the total votes.

Over the last several months, Miami has ruled the scene as its mayor, Francis Suarez, has campaigned for bitcoin acceptance and stated that he wants to turn Miami into the world’s crypto capital. To this, Eric Adams stated

Miami, you had your run, we’re bringing our businesses back!

Thousands of crypto enthusiasts flocked to Miami earlier this month to attend the Bitcoin 2021 Miami seminars, despite the current Covid-19 outbreak. El Salvador’s president also used the conference to announce a bill making bitcoin legal tender in the Central American country, which he successfully passed the following week in congress.

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Adams currently holds a lead of 75,000 votes ahead of his closest rival Maya Wiley, a civil rights activist.

Earlier this month, New York’s state assembly rejected a bill to limit crypto mining for environmental concerns. It had passed through the state senate after Senator Kevin Parker recommended that the state suspend bitcoin mining for three years to assess its environmental effect, particularly its greenhouse gas emissions.


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