Malware threats are prevalent, especially in the crypto market. Almost 1500 fraudulent entities have been discovered by Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky in first 6 months of 2021. These entities targeted potential crypto investors and miners.

The research has stated that almost 0.60% of South African country’s users are a common target of malicious crypto miners. It also States that false advertisements, claiming to sell mining equipment, fake websites are the most common duping users.

Kaspersky’s research said that 0.85% of crypto investors from Kenya, 0.71% of crypto investors from Nigeria, 3.6% from Ethiopia, and 3.22% from Rwanda were easy targets.

In addition to that, the report also states:

Crypto miner Malware has been identified as one of the top 3 malware families right in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria present, which we believe that as cryptocurrency gains momentum, more users will likely be targeted. Both those who want to invest or mine cryptocurrency and simply the holder of such ones can find themselves on the fraudsters radar.


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