The “Reference Guide for the adoption and implementation of projects with blockchain technology for the Colombian State,” takes into consideration the fundamentals of blockchain and the sorts of projects that would benefit by integrating blockchain in their administrations

An ever-increasing number of governments are incorporating blockchain in projects that require transparency and decentralization. The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia, the fundamental technology institution in the nation, has provided a guide that depicts how blockchain ought to be integrated into projects to tackle problems at a government and state level.

“A blockchain technology project in the public sector requires a detailed review of the requirements of the public challenge to be resolved and the usability that the distributed database would have depending on the type of project.”

Colombia has previously recognized a portion of the problems that could be settled by integrating blockchain technology.

The document makes reference to a few projects, including RITA, an organization created by a public college that utilizes blockchain to get and confirm the authenticity of scholarly recognitions, and the partnership that the Bank of Colombia inked with R3 to involve the Corda for various settlement cases.

As of late another use of blockchain technology was declared by Mintic, that expects to help residents needing their own land authentications. The undertaking, which was as of late finished by an outsider organization called Peersyst Technology, will involve the Ripple Ledger as a base to enlist and confirm the authenticity of these testaments. The venture means to speed up the most common way of giving these land documents, with the objective of giving 100,000 of the endorsements to land proprietors in a brief time frame.

However, the document says that the implementation of this tech is to be dependent upon the current legal structure of the country, in which state elements are obliged to consent to what is explicitly settled as per the law of Colombia.


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