The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn has become the first children’s museum in the U.S to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for donation.

People can donate to the children’s museum in a variety of ways, including donating a vehicle, stock, including the museum in your will or as a partial beneficiary of life insurance policy and now finally adding cryptocurrency.

The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn began accepting cryptocurrency late last month, and since then they have received an anonymous donation of $35 worth of Bitcoin. The museum’s executive director Adam Woodworth said,

Cryptocurrency has been around a while, but it’s new to a lot of people, I don’t think any of us know where it is heading. What we do know is that it is here, people are investing in it and there is a belief that this will take hold as a viable and well-recognized currency. We thought we should be part of it

The Oak Lawn museum is a trailblazer and the first museum to accomplish this, according to Laura Huerta Migus, executive director of the Association of Children’s Museums.

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The museum teamed up with Engiven, a platform that makes it simple for organizations to receive bitcoin payments. The cryptocurrency donation immediately goes through an exchange and the museum receives the cash equivalent of the value of that crypto at the time of the donation.

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