Cardano (ADA) is currently at a critical transition moment, with the Alonzo hard fork paving the way for it to become a smart contract-compatible blockchain.

Critics, on the other hand, believe the network has failed to deliver on its promises. One Twitter user referenced founder Charles Hoskinson’s post from last year on what the network could achieve in a year.

The ADA skeptics included Chris Burniske, co-founder of Placeholder, who retweeted Hoskinsons 2020 tweet and asked “Did any of this happen?” However, Hoskinson did not respond to his question.

When a user with a Twitter handle “altcoin_bets” tweeted “No asset on $ADA, forget 1000’s of DApps not a single dapp on $ADA, only 1-2 projects announced working on $ADA”

Charles Hoskinson, resorted to Twitter to respond to critics who pounced on a badly aged tweet from July 2020 by claiming that there are already thousands of assets on Cardano.

While Hoskinson is correct in claiming that thousands of assets and tokens are now active on the platform as the functionality was incorporated into the network with Mary Hardfork. However, only a few of those thousands of tokens may be considered active or functioning.

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Hoskinson also believes that the dominant cryptocurrency Bitcoin is inferior in front of Cardano as Bitcoin uses a lot of energy, lacks a lot of other features, and is the least programable of all the cryptocurrencies.

Cardano, which is a public blockchain platform, has established its position by taking massive projects like introducing its framework in Ethiopia (East Africa), starting with the blockchain-based education system, IOHK with the Ethiopian government in coming years will change different areas—from farming to medical care—and at last assistance the neediness stricken nation to accomplish the much-desired lower-center pay status by 2025.

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