Kim Lew, president and CEO of Columbia Investment Management Company, explored the investment possibilities of cryptocurrencies and the various paths in which the burgeoning sector may be heading in an interview with Bloomberg Wealth.

Lew believes that cryptocurrency will have far-reaching effects and that it can go to many different paths, further stating that,

I think clearly it’s here to stay. I think clearly it’s going to play some role. Not clear what role it will play, And so for us it’s important for us to dabble a little just so that we make sure that we follow make sure that we have relationships with people who are going to develop expertise and we can leverage those expertise to decide which way to go.

For the time being, Lew is keeping away from the volatile crypto market with her investments at IMC however she states that “We have the ability because we are long term investors to explore new roads. And so cryptocurrency is one of them.”

The Columbia Investment Management Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbia University. The IMC is charged with managing the bulk of the University’s endowments, also known as managed assets.

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