Yele Bademosi, the founder and CEO of Bundle Africa, a Nigerian crypto payments app, is stepping down as the company’s CEO on Saturday.

In a blog post published on Friday, Bademosi announced his decision to leave his present position as he plans to focus on promoting digital currency adoption in Africa that needs more support. He will be succeeded by Binance Africa director Emmanuel Babalola, at least on an interim basis, Emmanuel is well-known for his significant contributions to the blockchain community.

Bademosi mentioned his experience as a Director of Binance Labs, where he led the Lagos chapter of the Incubation program, and how Binance was the finest and most aligned ecosystem for growing and scaling crypto adoption in the continent.

Bundle currently has achieved massive growth and prominence that has far exceeded even my wildest expectations. With over 350,000 Bundlers and as high as $56 Million in monthly transaction volumes, Bundle continues to reach heights that many could only dream of.

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Bademosi’s mission is to accelerate the acceptance of digital currency in Africa, resulting in a variety of economic prospects. Bademosi is a firm believer in the importance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Africa’s economic development, and he will continue to promote and expand the young crypto community in Africa and other emerging countries.

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