Crypto Twitter is a mainstream twitter community for those keen on learning and utilizing cryptocurrencies that offer facts and data from various individuals worldwide. Notable personalities in the crypto space and their followers donated more than $800,000 in cryptocurrency to a child identified as John Oliver Zippay, popularly known as J.O., who was diagnosed with leukaemia (also known as blood cancer) in 2016.

J.O.s’ situation came to the limelight when a heartfelt video of him surfaced online. His Newbury, Ohio, classmates welcomed him back with smiles and affection after beating the leukaemia. Soon, the video was posted on Twitter, and it went viral achieving 50,000 retweets and nearly 500,000 likes!

However, due to the large amount spent on the recovery of J.O., which included various therapies, his family was going under financial crisis and were unable to pay the hospital bill. After discovering this, a Twitter user named “milkman2228” helped the family set up an Ethereum wallet and shared the address to his Twitter followers of 11.3k to receive donations and tweeted:

C.T. let’s do our thing! I spoke with his dad today. They are covered in bills keeping this king alive. He set up a meta wallet just now. I personally donated 5 eth. Let’s get them out of debt and give this boss a future. Addy: 0xa4Fd05DA9535111C508e5a2AEAC053569C7d5e3d

Soon, an influencer in crypto twitter named “Crypto Cobain” reshared the video and encouraged his 347,000 followers to join in and send both ether (ETH) and Ethereum-based tokens to J.O.’s address. The drive instantly expanded, and donations started rolling in, people were generously sending stablecoins to tokens, with total contributions being $517,000 in ether and $292,000 in tokens.

After the contributions came in, the boys family set up a Twitter account, posting a picture of him

Blood cancer patient John Zippy receives $800,000 donation in cryptocurrency

This generous charitable demonstration has shown that cryptocurrencies can be utilized for charitable works. They offer a simple method of transacting from any place throughout the planet, and donations can be made namelessly for those wishing to do as such for their protection.


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