1) Utopia Genesis Foundation and STOKR’s partnership will be beneficial for music artists.

Utopia Genesis Foundation, the music-focused blockchain protocol, and STOKR, the digital securities issuance platform announced their partnership and how it will help artists tokenize and securitize their work. This is also good news for listeners as they can now get access to unique investment vehicles. In the press release from Utopia Genesis, it was mentioned:

This will allow artists and owners of the music to tokenize assets and create equity or debt instruments for crowdfunding the launch of albums, collectibles, merchandise, and more.

2) DKleine has come up with 12 Days of Zombie Christmas for charity.

Darren Kleine, an NFT artist whose niche is zombies will list the first of twelve Christmas-themed NFTs in a series titled The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas on December 12. 80% of the amount collected will go to children’s charity. Each piece of artwork in the edition series will depict a scene from a classic holiday film. He said

Here’s the ‘Christmas vacation’ one. Clark Griswold and his cousin Eddie are shopping for brains at Walmart. I really like that awkward moment in ‘Elf’ where he’s eating the spaghetti with jelly beans. So I took that, but I changed them to intestines. Star Wars Holiday Special is still in the works.

3) Blockstack is looking forward to building a new framework for crypto securities.

Blockstack’s CEO believes that it’s ecosystem has gone beyond the firm that gave it life. Blockstack’s work with the Securities and Exchange Commission on ICO for its native Stacks (STX) token got approval by US SEC under Regulation A+ in July 2019 and now they are rebranding to Hiro Systems to encourage independence of Stacks tokens. In an interview, Muneeb Ali, CEO of Blockstack said:

A bunch of other exchanges are already trading it internationally, but U.S. people were not able to participate. Now what’s going on is over the last year, given the mission on the project, we’ve also been working on this path of increased decentralization, meaning that there are several other independent entities in the ecosystem.

4) Whales Traders took profits from their bitcoin – OKEx data.

OKEx had collaborated with Kaiko, the blockchain data company to analyze the data of trading pair ‘BTC/USDT’ and have concluded that while the retail investors had chased Bitcoin price when it was heading higher on the other hand whale traders were taking profits in 2020. The report prepared said:

Retail traders mostly kept adding to their positions during the price surge. The result of this could be that retail traders will be trapped in short- to mid-term.

5) Africa might be the future for decentralized finance development says CEO of IOHK.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK disclosed that their company’s long-term developmental focus is Africa. Not only this he also added that when they question themselves

who will be the consumers of DeFi who will be in need of identity systems and payment systems and new ways of representing equities’ — will it be the ossified, highly regulated markets of the western world, which are invitation-only […] or will it be the agile and nimble countries of Africa, Southeast Asia, who have no incumbencies and are desperately to compete and thus are open and friendly to retooling and ideas.


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