1) Bitcoin recovers from the Market Crash.

After a decline of 27%, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies quickly recovered and climbed up by 20%. Bitcoin went from $30,468 to $36,633 in approximately 15 hours. Some experts believe that this dip was necessary despite Bitcoin fundamentals having remained stronger than ever. Also, Bitcoin 24 trading value has reached $22.4 billion.

2) Grayscale has resumed accepting new investments.

Grayscale, the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset manager, has again started accepting new investments to its cryptocurrency trust. In December 2020, Grayscale had stopped taking new investments to its six trusts. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund Trust are now open for new investors though Grayscale XRP Trust will still remain inactive.

3) The daily crypto volume of PayPal reached $240 million.

In January 2021 Daily crypto volume on payments giant PayPal reached an all-time high that was $240 million, two times its all-time high of $129 million. To this, Alex Saunders, CEO and founder of Nuggets News, tweeted.

Retail has arrived. @PayPal cleared $242M in crypto sales yesterday. That’s nearly double the previous record.

4) CoinShares’ CEO on Bitcoin Investors.

 CoinShares has compared December 2017 rally to the last rally and has reported that

We have seen much greater investor participation this time round with net new assets at US$8.2bn compared to only US$534m in December 2017.

Jean-Marie Mognetti, CoinShares’ CEO said

The narrative shift around Bitcoin over the last six months has been profound. Investors used to consider it a risk to allocate to Bitcoin. Now it’s a risk not to allocate to Bitcoin.

5) Orbs Blockchain to Launch a DeFi Accelerator.

Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has joined hands with Israel based blockchain company called Orbs to launch the DeFiOrg accelerator to enhance the research, development, and community engagement in the decentralized finance field. By this, both Binance and Orbs want to explore and assist various projects.


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