1) 10 Bitcoin and blockchain leaders have made it to Forbes 30 under 30 this year.

This year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list included seven people in the finance category, one in venture capital, one in energy, and one in manufacturing from the bitcoin and blockchain sector including names like Sam Bankman-Fried, Founder, FTX and Flori Marquez, Cofounder, BlockFi. This makes us believe that the sector created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto is becoming important.

2) NYDIG Digital Assets has raised $150 million in total.

As per the United States, Securities and Exchange Commission, New York Digital Investment Group has raised $50 million during the NYDIG Digital Assets Fund I and $100 million during the NYDIG Digital Assets Fund II. Robert Gutmann CEO of NYDIG believes Bitcoin is transitioning to a “predominantly institutionally-owned asset.”

3) Willy Woo says $200k per BTC by end of 2021 looks conservative.

Recently, Willy Woo, a popular cryptocurrency analyst tweeted

My Top Model suggesting $200k per BTC by end of 2021 looks conservative, $300k not out of the question. The current market on average paid $7456 for their coins. You all are geniuses. I’ve never been so bullish for 2021. This re-accumulation phase coincides with spot market inventory depletion roughly 2x longer and deeper than the last cycle. It will send BTC.

4) Crypto.com can issue crypto debit cards in Australia.

Crypto.com, a Crypto exchange and debit card provider has secured an Australian Financial Service License which allows to legally issue its proprietary card in Australia. Seems like exchange has been planning this move since the time it enabled Australian dollar transfers in and out of its platform.

5) Samson Mow argues that VPTS counts instead of TPS when talking about Bitcoin.

Chief strategy officer at Blockstream- Samson Mow argues that VPTS [value transacted per second] counts when talking about Bitcoin instead of TPS [transaction per second]. Mow also tweeted

Bitcoin of moves nearly half a million dollars in value around the globe permissionlessly every second. It was never about transactions per second and coffee. It’s all about value transacted per second and a new financial paradigm.


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