1) Deribit users have bet on Bitcoin reaching $100,000 by 24 September 2021.

Deribit is the tenth-largest crypto derivatives exchange on CoinMarketCap. Deribit’s users can now bet on Bitcoin reaching $100,000 through options contracts that will expire on 24 September 2021. Recently this firm has surpassed $1 billion BTC options trading in a day. Deribit told Bitcoin.com 

We have seen a total turnover of USD 3.5 billion today (rolling 24 hrs) […] We have seen a total turnover of USD 1.4 billion today (rolling 24 hrs).

2) Solidity to become compatible with the Cardano blockchain.

As per Cardano developers‘ website, Cardona is now opening Cardano up to the Solidity/Ethereum community via a compatible and interoperable platform using their native code. This move aims to create a permanent bridge that will enable developers to work seamlessly across both ecosystems, now and into the future. As per mentioned on Cardanos’ website:

To this end, we are restarting and accelerating the K Ethereum Virtual Machine (KEVM) program. The EVM runs within the K Framework, a semantics platform used to create formally-verified programming languages and VMs.

3) Brian Brooks believes there are 2 options when it comes to Crypto.

In the last few weeks, there have been a lot of crypto regulatory proposals with rumors of a ban or limitations on self-custodied crypto wallets. On this Friday Mr. Brooks who is the administrator of the federal banking system and chief officer of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), in an interview with CNBC said:

All of this is happening in an environment where we’re about to have a change of presidential administrations and there’s calls on Capitol Hill to dismantle some of the regulatory protections we’ve put in place with this stuff.

He also continues that in terms of crypto regulation there are two options either focus on safety for participants or could undo all progress.

4) U.S. Senator-elect finds the potential crypto wallet ruling harmful.

U.S. Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming believes that the potential crypto wallet ruling is harmful. Yesterday, She also tweeted

Been doing work on the rumored transaction reporting rule impacting digital assets (currently being contemplated by Treasury) and wanted to share with you where I am: Tweet storm to follow…  Congress is best placed to weigh the competing policy issues at stake. A rule adopted now could also potentially extend the BSA to new types of transactions beyond Congress’ intent. America is in a battle for competitiveness with China and Russia for the future of finance. Without broad consensus, a rule would be a step backward at the moment our country is beginning to realize the transformative effects of digital assets and financial technology.

5) Coinbase is looking to Goldman Sachs to handle its public filing.

Coinbase has for years been linked to Goldman Sachs as Coinbase’s Co-founder – Fred Ehrsam, has worked at Goldman Sachs as a trader from 2010-2012 before teaming up with CEO Brian Armstrong to start Coinbase. Ehrsam had left the exchange in 2017 but still is a board member. Now, Coinbase has approached Goldman Sachs to lead its upcoming initial public offering and if this happens then there are chances of cryptocurrency reaching a broader mainstream audience.


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