1) Binance will support the Trading and Staking of three more Chiliz fan tokens.

Binance Launchpool is a Binance product that allows users to farm (earn) new assets. Binance Launchpool users are able to acquire new token rewards in return for staking different tokens. Today Binance announced in their blog about the ‘More Fan Tokens To Come’. The OG, ATM, and ASR fan tokens have been added and users can start staking these from December 24. Binance CEO and Founder Changpeng Zhao said

The traditional sports and Esports industries are more actively exploring and engaging in the world of crypto, Fan tokens have been well-received by our users, and we are happy to work closer with Chiliz to continue providing access to them.

2) Increase in Australia’s general crypto sentiment as compared to 2019.

A survey conducted by Independent Reserve, a cryptocurrency exchange, showed that The Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) 2020 is 47 in 2020 whereas last year it was 42. This 10% increase has mainly been driven by an increase in awareness and adoption of bitcoin. It has also been mentioned

Bitcoin and the crypto market hasn’t had the frenzied media attention as it did in 2017/2018 when it last exceeded AUD $26,000. Despite this, the cryptocurrency market cap has grown from AUD $257B in January to over AUD $810B.

3) Switzerland’s SEBA bank successfully completes the series B fundraiser.

The Swiss start-up bank which provides cryptocurrencies services to its customer has finally completed the series B fundraiser which it has been planning since January 2020. During its initial fundraising stage, SEBA had collected $103 Million. Guido Bühler, CEO of SEBA Bank said

I am delighted that the strengths of SEBA Bank and its track record in 2020 were recognized by our existing key shareholders and new investors, leading them to participate in a second capital raise. This support will allow us to accelerate the strong growth SEBA Bank is delivering as we also plan to expand into new markets in the Middle East and Asia and support US institutional clients.

4) Ripple CEO says legal action against the XRP cryptocurrency is an assault on crypto at large.

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple believes that the legal action against the XRP cryptocurrency brought by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission will potentially affect the major players in Crypto Industry. Garlinghouse said

Ripple, Chris and I may be the ones named in the filing, but this is an assault on crypto at large. In this case, XRP is a proxy for every other ‘alt-coin’ in the space. From there, you have a snowball effect; this isn’t good news for any market maker, exchanges like Coinbase, etc. This sets a terrible industry-wide precedent for any company working with a digital asset. We are not only on the right side of the law, but we will be on the right side of history

5) Russia’s State Duma expects an increase in crypto issuance after the adoption of new Crypto laws.

“On Digital Financial Assets” law passed in July 2020 makes Russia’s State Duma anticipate an increase in cryptocurrencies issuance in the local market in 2021. This law legalizes crypto but bans people from using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a payment mode. Anatoly Aksakov, a member of the Russian State Duma said

A lot of big businesses have asked us to pass the law more quickly, and I know that they are going to produce stablecoins.


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